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Pesticide Issues

Pesticide Problem(s) ?

  • Report problem to Colorado Dept. of Agriculture (CDA) 303-239-4140
  • If CDA claims no regulatory authority, then letters to elected local, state and federal officials, local environmental groups and DORA (Dept. of Regulatory Affairs, Office of Policy Research and Regulatory Reform, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1550, Denver, CO 80202) will increase awareness of the problem(s).
  • If CDA gives no satisfaction, then letters to the governor’s office may assist. The EPA has oversight authority over the CDA pesticide program.

Health effects

  • Document with a doctor
  • Call Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center 303-739-1123 or 1-800-332-3073 for appropriate treatment(s).
  • Enroll for the state Pesticide Sensitive Registry. This requires contact with CDA (303-239-4140) to obtain an application and a doctor’s signature. Then lawn and tree applicators will pre-notify before they spray abutting property.

Pest Problem(s)

Use integrated pest management (IPM):
  1. ID the pest
  2. learn the life cycle of the pest
  3. monitor for numbers
  4. set an acceptable level
  5. break the life cycle
  6. monitor for pests
  7. repeat from #4 above
-- call your local extension service and ask for non-toxic pest control methods:

Websites with information: -National - National & International - Boulder & Colorado - National & International

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