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The Boulder County Sustainable Agriculture Forum (at is a new Facebook page forum, hosted by IPG Sustainable Agriculture Committee Chair, Cosima Krueger-Cunningham. It is designed to help local food, food democracy, and regenerative agriculture stakeholders network around the development of a sustainable local foodshed in Boulder County as well as to keep subscribers up-to-date on regional, national and international agricultural issues that affect Boulder County. The Boulder County Sustainable Agriculture Forum offers links to the major sites that are devoted to more general GMO issues and seeks to highlight on the Forum those GMO issue links that are more directly relevant to Boulder County. Keep current! LIKE the Boulder County Sustainable Agriculture Forum (at to subscribe.

Should Boulder County continue to allow GMO crops on publicly owned Open Space land?

On Thursday, September 1, 2011, Boulder County held a public hearing on whether GMO crops should continue to be allowed on County Open Space agricultural land. The Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group said “No!” We continued to say “No” throughout the next three months of public hearings and protests, working in collaboration with other citizen and organic food industry groups in Boulder. On December 8, 2011 the Boulder County Commissioners went against constituent opinion and against the opinion of two Boulder County advisory boards and decided to allow GMO corn and sugar beets on Boulder County Parks and Open Space agricultural lands. Here are our comments.

For more information and to take action, go to:

Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department Cropland Policy web site

Please see our “GMO? NO!” vision statement for sustainable agriculture in Boulder County for the 21st century, which recently appeared in our October 2011 newsletter The Bugle.

Useful Links

The Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group recently endorsed the following sustainable agriculture policy recommendations proposed a short while ago by members of the Boulder County Cropland Advisory Group (CPAG) whose lead author is local organic farmer Rich Andrews. Rich Andrews' policy recommendations serve as the basic framework for a more in-depth Boulder County Citizen's Cropland Policy (BCCCP) which will be presented to the Boulder County Commissioners by our grassroots partner group, GM Know, before the Commissioners' December 8, 2011 meeting when they are scheduled to decide the fate of GMOs on Boulder County lands.

Please go to to learn more about the BCCCP and join with us in endorsing it. Thank you!

GMO and Organic Transition Policy Recommendation

National Honey Bee Advisory Board Letter

Neonicitinoid and Pollinators Policy Recommendation

Recommended Cropland Policy on GMO Decisions

Recommended Cropland Policy on Jointly Owned Open Space

Recommended Cropland Policy on RD&D for Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture

Recommended Cropland Policy – Definition of Sustainable Agriculture

Glyphosate Policy Recommendation

General Information about GMOs: Report by Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva Report "The Emperor Has No Clothes - Global Citizens' Report on the State of GMO's"

Find out what our local grassroots and organic industry partners are saying and doing about GMO's on Boulder County Open Space:

GM Know  This excellent Boulder grassroots group makes it easy to get informed, get inspired, and get involved.

GMO Free Boulder  Find out how the local organic food industry is mobilizing against GMOs on Boulder County Open Space.

Buttons, T-shirts and other "message items" in support of the Citizens' Cropland Policy and other aspects of our ongoing campaign to support sustainable agriculture in Boulder County may be found at:

Contact: IPG Sustainable Agriculture Subcommittee Chair Cosima Krueger-Cunningham

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