Conservation Committee


August 1, 2007

THOSE PRESENT: Kirk Cunningham, Linda Batlin, and Wayne Schnell

Because some key committee chairs were away this time, we only discussed briefly some recent Open Space management issues that Wayne Schnell has been following, namely the proposed routes for Trails 13 and 14 in the Doudy Draw/Eldorado Mountain Habitat Conservation Area. These trails connect the Doudy Draw Trail with the entrance to Eldorado Canyon State Park. They skirt the forested area of the HCA on the north side, and the major issues are:

1) the exact route and how it will impact existing wildlife habitat
2) what uses will be allowed on each trail.

The issues that remain to be understood in order for the IPG to formulate its position about trail alternatives are:

1) What are the staff analyses for each alternative?
2) What social or undesignated trails will be closed?
3) What is the position of preservation-oriented groups like Friends of Boulder Open Space?
4) What is the next stage for comments from the public?

Regarding the Goshawk Trail, which is proposed for the HCA area south of the Denver Water Dept.’s canal road, Wayne wanted to know why any trail was needed there, other than to access the Mickey Mouse Wall climbing area. Kirk thought that the reason for the trail was that the City Council had directed that one be allowed in that area.

Any on this list with opinions about these trails and their alternative routing should contact me at

Kirk Cunningham, IPG Conservation Chair