Boulder Valley Inner City Outings

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Manhattan Middle School Location
  • Cancellations
  • Cost of Outings
  • Waiver Forms
  • Citizenship
  • What Gear Will I Need?
  • Late Return Policy
  • Child Abuse Prevention Policies
  • Manhattan Middle School Location

    Many Boulder Valley ICO outings depart from Manhattan Middle School. This school is located at 290 Manhattan Drive in south Boulder. Driving directions are provided below:

    From Angevine Middle School:

    Take South Boulder Road toward the mountains. Once you pass Cherryvale Road, look for Manhattan Drive on the right. Turn right on Manhattan Drive. Stay on Manhattan Drive for a few blocks until you see the school on the right.

    From Casey Middle School:

    Drive south on Broadway to Table Mesa Drive. Turn left on Table Mesa Drive and continue east until you cross under Foothills Parkway. After you pass under Foothills Parkway, look for Manhattan Drive on the left. Turn left onto Manhattan Drive and continue for a few blocks until you see the school on the right.

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    If your child has signed up for an outing, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible if something will prevent your child from participating in the outing. We do understand that emergencies can arise at the last minute, but those who make a habit of last-minute cancellations or no-shows will not be invited on future outings or will be afforded lowest priority when filling an outing.

    Each outing waiver form has a cover page with a list of gear that participants will need; a description of the outing; and the name, phone number, and email address of the trip leader. Cancellation notices should be made to the listed trip leader.

    Cost of outings

    All outings offered by Boulder Valley ICO are free to participants. We also provide food and transportation for our outings, free of charge. We will also lend participants such gear or equipment as they cannot provide for themselves.

    Those who would like to help us pay for our outings may do so by contributing to Boulder Valley ICO. Boulder Valley ICO does not consider contributions when filling its outings.

    Waiver Forms

    Please fill out the waiver forms as completely as possible. It is especially important that you provide a working phone number so that we can contact you in the event of an emergency or late return.

    Please complete the waiver forms in ink, not pencil.

    During the academic year, we usually collect waiver forms through teachers at the schools with which we are partnered. If you prefer to mail waiver forms directly do us, you may send them to Boulder Valley ICO, 637 South Broadway, Suite B, No. 117, Boulder CO 80305.


    Your immigration status or that of your child is not important to Boulder Valley ICO. Your address and phone number will not be shared with other organizations or governmental entities without your authorization.

    What Gear Will I Need?

    Many Boulder Valley ICO outings require special clothing and other gear. These items are always listed on the cover page that accompanies the waiver forms for the outing. To better explain the items we commonly list on these cover pages, we have prepared a guide to outings gear in both English and Spanish. You can download that guide here.

    Late Return Policy

    It is not uncommon for Boulder Valley ICO outings to run past the scheduled time of return. In the event that an outing is running late, leaders and/or participants will make calls to notify you of the new expected time of return.

    Child Abuse Prevention Policies

    Boulder Valley ICO conducts reference and criminal background checks on all of its leaders and volunteers. In addition, we require at least two adults on each outing. Our outings are group activities, and leaders and volunteers are advised not to spend time alone with any participant outside the view of others. Leaders are also required to take a course on Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention every year.

    When we have female participants on an outing, we make every effort to ensure that we have at least two such participants and a female volunteer or leader. Boys and girls always sleep separately on our outings.

    We have little or no control over contact between our leaders and you and/or your children outside of our outings. For this reason, we suggest that you monitor contact between your child and any other adult in their life, including ICO leaders and volunteers. We recommend that you also take a course in child abuse recognition and prevention such as the one offered by