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Destination: Wild West Ranch
: Horseback riding, Animal husbandry, and Lunch
Groups Served (2): Willow Green Apartments and Eritrean Community Group
Leaders: Kathy, Rachel
Volunteers: Jennifer, Tawnya


     Last Saturday, ICO brought twenty-one kids and four adults on a fun adventure at Wild West Ranch.  We overcame our personal fears while communing with nature on an exciting horseback ride.  Many of us had not ridden horses before, and excellent instructors at the ranch taught us the skills we needed to walk, trot, steer, and stop.





The setting was lovely, including a warm sun, stark cottonwood trees, and panoramic views of Arvada.  The kids learned to remain calm even when their horses trotted!  After the ride, we bar-b-qued on a grill provided by the ranch.  The kids found out that they could volunteer at the ranch in exchange for learning about horses and riding horses for free.  Several kids expressed interest in volunteering.  Finally, the group took a hay ride to the horse pasture and hand-fed the horses.  The trip was a great opportunity to learn about animal husbandry, learn how to ride horses, and find out about an exciting opportunity to continue to ride horses for free.



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