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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado - Inner City Outings Home

Chair's Corner

Bill Myers, Inner City Outings

Rocky Mountain Chapter

It was an honor to be named as the newest Chair of the Inner City Outings (ICO) program of the Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Inner City Outings programs have been a primary outreach program of the Sierra Club for around 40 years and in the Denver area for at least 10 years.  Our previous leadership has helped grow the program to serve more economically challenged children and young adults across Denver, Boulder, the rest of the Front Range and Summit County.  I stand on the shoulders of all the great work that our hardworking ICO leadership has provided this past decade.  This past year, we served provided over 500 kid-days of hiking, whitewater river rafting, horseback riding, camping, backpacking, biking, canoeing, skating, nordic (cross-country) and alpine (downhill) ski adventures.

It is my hope that our program continues and expands to serve our existing areas even better, and to expand the program to other areas of the state.  To accomplish this goal, we will need four things:

First, Inner City Outings is a volunteer program. We always need volunteers to help with our work.  This work could be something simple, like helping with setting up an appreciation party, to writing about adventure trips, to assisting with inventorying of equipment, picking up equipment from a generous donor, to contacting agencies (as our volunteer leadership grows) to expand the program, or to asking for donations of equipment from people or companies. Or, if you want more involvement, it can mean obtaining first-aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other training to become a leader and taking kids to the outdoors.

Second, to maintain a strong ICO program, we need continuing financial and in-kind support.  Through the use of volunteers, we keep the cost of taking an ICO youngster to the outdoors at around $20 per adventure.  This cost largely reflects the increased cost of transportation for an ICO trip.  ICO is affected by fuel prices in the same way that families are.  In-kind donations, either in a volunteer's time or donated, gently used equipment are always welcome.  Click here to make a monetary donation or equipment donation.

Third, like other ICO programs, the Rocky Mountain Chapter's ICO is dedicated to training responsible, intelligent leaders for our trips.  As one works through the ranks to become an ICO leader, each potential leader completes an appropriate background check, gets training on Leave No Trace principles, basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, leading a safe trip, and advanced wilderness first aid training.  The volunteer provides the motivation, and ICO is committed to reimbursing leaders for much of the cost of these trainings.

Finally, the Rocky Mountain Chapter's ICO program is unique because it serves the entire state of Colorado.  I would like to see the ICO program continue growing to serve the increasing need of economically disadvantaged youth across the state.  I look forward to working with our current volunteers, and any others that want to join us, to expand our program.

If you have constructive suggestions on how we can improve our program, please feel free to share them with me, Bill Myers.  To become a volunteer, you can start the process with our Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Dawson.

Thanks for making a real difference in the lives of Colorado youth!

Bill Myers
Chair, Inner City Outings
Rocky Mountain Chapter




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Rocky Mountain Chapter, 1536 Wynkoop Street, 4th floor, Denver CO 80202, 303-861-8819