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Updated: 13 November 2005

Tell Ford to Get With the Times

The Model T got 25 miles per gallon. Today, the average Ford gets a meager 22.6 mpg. And yet, even as Ford touts its more efficient hybrid models, it has sued to keep states from raising fuel economy standards -- standards which could help curb global warming. Sign our petition to tell Bill Ford to sideline the lawyers and, instead, get his engineers busy on building the next generation of vehicles.

America's Coasts and Arctic Refuge Dodge a Bullet

In a victory for environmentalists working to save America's natural heritage, the House Rules Committee has removed the controversial Arctic Refuge and offshore drilling provisions from the budget-reconciliation package. But we must remain vigilant. Sign our petition to keep drilling our coasts and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge out of the budget.

About the Southwest Regional Office in Colorado

The Sierra Club's southwest field office in Boulder, Colorado works to preserve Colorado's unique wild places and protect the safety and health of our communities. We are concerned about clean air and water in our urban environments, reducing sprawl and improving our quality of life, promoting clean energy solutions, reintroducing wolves into the balance of our natural ecosystems, and protecting our last remaining undeveloped lands. But we can't do it alone. Sierra Club volunteers play an integral role in guiding the Sierra Club's campaigns and helping us succeed. Find out how you can get involved by contacting us:

The Sierra Club
Southwest Regional Office - Colorado
2260 Baseline Rd., Suite 105
Boulder, CO 80302
phone: (303) 449-5595
fax: (303) 449-6520
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