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Fortunately, a lot of people have studied these energy issues we face, and have written reports, articles and fact sheets to help us understand all this information. Educate yourself, friends and businesses by reading and distributing this information.

These are PDF documents. In order to view and print Adobe Acrobat documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher. To download the Acrobat Reader at no charge, please visit the Adobe Web site:

Energy Reports
Sustainable Cities : Best Practices in Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, Austin, Chicago, Fort Collins & Portland   (PDF) 1.9 M
The purpose of Sustainable Cities is to help all cities efficiently implement energy sustainability programs. It is an in-depth look into the history, status, and results of the programs in Austin, Chicago, Fort Collins, and Portland.

The report identifies fourteen key elements that all cities can use to become more sustainable and includes more than 80 links to web pages and source reports allowing deeper exploration of a particular city's programs.
Energy Efficiency Factsheets
Colorado's Energy Efficiency Potential   (PDF)
Energy efficiency today is a far cry from the old energy conservation images of straining to read in the dark or shivering in a cold room.
How can I Be More Energy Efficient?   (PDF)
Save 50% on your lighting bill. Stop the drain on dollars from heating and cooling systems. Insulate and weatherize your home. Compare energy efficiency ratings on new appliances. Improve water heating efficiency.
Renewable Energy Factsheets
The Health and Environmental Benefits of Renewable Energy   (PDF)
Meeting our energy needs has significant impacts upon the quality of our air, water and other natural resources at the local level in Colorado as well as on the global level.
The Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy   (PDF)
Colorado is heavily reliant on coal and natural gas to generate its electricity, but in-state resources are dwindling.
Colorado's Renewable Energy Potential   (PDF)
Colorado generates almost 100% of its electricity from coal and natural gas. While abundant, these fossil fuels have economic, health, and environmental costs. There are significant renewable energy resources in Colorado, particularly wind and biomass. Renewable energy technologies continue to get better and cost less.
Comparison of Coal, Natural Gas, Wind and Photovoltaics   (PDF)
See for yourself how wind and solar energy sources compare to coal and natural gas in these important economic, health, and environmental measurements.

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