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You can help make sure the Rocky Mountain Chapter Sierra Club has the resources to continue its effective work in our communities and in our state capitol. With your financial help, we will stop new coal plants from being built and work to hold energy companies responsible for their emissions. We will also educate voters and hold lawmakers accountable by exposing bad votes and endorsing environmentally-conscious candidates. Lastly, the Rocky Mountain Chapter will be a leader in the fight for a clean energy economy that will create well-paying jobs and save consumers money.

We realize one size doesn't fit all when deciding how to support our work; we have many options so you can pick the best fit for you. Thank you so much for your support!

General Gift

A non tax-deductible general gift to the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter will support our effective Colorado citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts, and keeps our Denver office open.

English Gift

A tax-deductible gift to The Sierra Club Foundation Rocky Mountain Chapter via Colorado Gives will support our Colorado outings, public education, and administrative lobbying activities.

Spanish Gift

Un regalo deducible de impuestos para el Sierra Club Fundación Rocky Capítulo montaña a travës de Colorado da apoyará nuestras salidas de Colorado , la educación pública y actividades de cabildeo administrativos.

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