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Conservation Committee

co-chairs Kirk Cunningham and Kirby Hughes


Committee goals are to provide our members with an opportunity to review government and business operations in terms of their environmental responsibility, and to take direct action to try and change those entities to be more responsible. The Committee reports to our state membership, and periodically provides status updates to the membership in our newsletter, the Peak and Prairie. Any member may join the Committee if they are willing to spend time working on one (or more) issues within one of its 17 Issue Committees (see below). Depending on their experience level, volunteers may perhaps accept larger responsibilities like chairing an Issue Committee, as it's available. We also provide some funding for our chairs and volunteers. Believe me, this type of commitment can be most interesting, fun and challenging for both chairs and members! We welcome inquiries from potential volunteers within the Sierra Club!


The RMC Conservation Committee is currently managed by Co-Chairs, Kirk Cunningham (H: 303-939-8519) and Kirby Hughes (719-685-3019). The larger RMC Conservation Committee is comprised of 17 Issue Committees, each addressing their own set of issues, primarily at the state level. The Issue Committees include the following:
  1. Agriculture
  2. Air Quality - Not Filled
  3. Endangered Species/Wildlife
  4. Energy, including at least:
         a. Global Warming
         b. Coal power plants
  5. Environmental Education, including at least:
         a. SSC-Student Coalition Liaisons - Not Filled
  6. Environmental Justice
  7. Federal Facilities
  8. Forests/ECL - National, including at least:
         a. Grazing - Not Filled
         b. Wilderness/Wild Lands
  9. Forests/Lands - State, including at least:
         a. Parks/Refuges - Not Filled
  10. Genetic Engineering - Not Filled
  11. Groundwater
  12. Mining, Oil & Gas
  13. Pesticides
  14. Population - Not Filled
  15. Sprawl/Affordable Housing
  16. Public Lands/BLM - Not Filled
  17. Toxics
  18. Transportation
  19. Waste/Recycling
  20. Water Resources
  21. Water Quality/Habitat, including at least:
         a. Wetlands
  22. Wilderness
The state-level Issue Committees are chaired and staffed by volunteers managing their own teams of folks from around the state. Some of these Issue Committees currently lack Chairs or team members, so if you're interested in taking some action - and responsibility - at the state level, please contact either Kirk or Kirby. We thank you for your interest!


Staff: Conservation Programs Coordinator: Matt Reed 303-454-3361
Conservation Advisory Group Co-Chair: Kirby Hughes 719-685-3019
Conservation Advisory Group Co-Chair: Kirk Cunningham 303-939-8519

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