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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado

Welcome to the

Building Energy Codes Pages for Local Governments


Thank you for visiting the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Building Energy Codes pages for Local Governments. The goal of this project is to provide trustees, commissioners, and building officials from local governments across the state of Colorado a simplified resource to help them in the process of adopting a Building Energy Code (BEC) in their jurisdiction.

            In producing the following pages, an effort has been made to distill the key arguments and information sources from the large number of issue related resources that are out there. Our intent is certainly to convince you that the adoption of a BEC in your jurisdiction is the right thing to do, but we also hope to save you the time and energy it takes to extract the important information from a rather large field of sources. In researching this issue, it became clear early on that, in resource after resource, the same arguments are made, and the same data provided to support them. In the pages that follow, you will find our best effort to give you a concise distillation of that information with direct links to the most reliable sources of supporting documentation. We have attempted to present only "facts and figures" that are supported by reliable sources, and have linked each statement or figure directly to its source. Those sources will generally provide you with the opportunity to further research the issue.







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